Material Analysis

Think Box Design Material Analysis

What is this package for?

We can offer a material analysis service to look at any corrugated or solid board materials you are currently purchasing.

In today's packaging industry, materials are constantly evolving to become more efficient and lighter, but perform to the same high standards intended.

If you feel that the materials being supplied are not quite up to scratch, we can offer an independent analysis to confirm or deny your concerns.

What does it include?

  • Material soak test
  • Substrate and enhanced material identification
  • Paper grammage calculation
  • Material calliper test
  • Full report with suggested material identity and results range

Think Box Design Professionalism

Each analysis is undertaken and tested under the same testing procedure to avoid errors and give a fair result.

A quotation is supplied to perform the test(s) at a fixed flat rate.

All work undertaken is covered by our Standard Terms and Conditions which are available upon request.