Pack Rationalisation

What is this package for?

If your business is already using many different types of packaging, and you're looking at making some changes in your brand or just looking to save some money, we can perform an in-depth analysis of your existing packaging and suggest minor or major improvements where possible to streamline your processes.

Environment & Recycling

Think Box Design Environment and Recycling

Once your packaging has served its purpose, your customers have to dispose of it. 

The environment of our planet is at the forefront of everyones mind at the moment and is a very hot topic.

Much of the packaging is use today isn't fully recyclable or sourced from renewable sources, and a lot of it just goes straight to land fill. 

Corrugated, solid board and even recycled moulded pulp products are now re-emerging as environmentally friendly and recyclable alternatives to plastics and foams meaning your business can be part of the revolution to keep our planet clean.


Think Box Design Styles

We can look at the existing styles being used and suggest improvements by selecting a different style which is more suitable for each of your products, or adjust sizes if required if your current style is already suitable.

Many businesses evolve their products over time, but sometimes neglect to adjust the packaging to match, which can lead to in-efficiences in their packaging usage, or even having packaging which is no longer required, or could be universal with other products.


Think Box Design Materials

Having a carton in double wall corrugated might afford you lots of protection, but a single wall equivalent might perform just as well, and it will give you lots of added benefits. 

These include, more cartons on a pallet, freeing up much more storage space for your boxes upon delivery, better print surfaces and even save you between 25-30% on your material costs.

If your packaging isn't performing as it should, we can analyse what you're currently using and the environment its being used in and suggest a more suitable material to be used.

Print Quality

Think Box Design Print Quality

If your packaging is printed, and being sent to distributors and end users, this is your advertisement of your business to the outside world. 

There are many different types of print in the market, each one suitable for different applications.

We can work with you and develop the best solution, tied in with the materials and styles to represent your business.

Transportation & Palletisation

Think Box Design Transportation and Palletisation

Every one of your products has to be shipped in some fashion, whether you are sending it out in the post or through a courier, or bulk palletising them and sending to a distributor or customer to distribute on further.

We can work with you to optimise the style and materials used, plus the environmental factors and storage conditions to protect your products during their transport and storage.

We can also work out optimal palletisation layouts for your packed products to optimise racking and vehicle space and save you on your transport costs.

Think Box Design Professionalism

A project undertaken to look at your existing packaging utilisation is not a simple task, or a quick one. 

A project of this type will involve a lot of consultation and analysis, including site visits if required.

Once key goals are established and set between yourselves and Think Box Design, a quotation detailing the full cost will be submitted and worked to until project completion.