Packaging Know-How

Our Experience

Think Box Design is built on many years experience in many different areas in the corrugated and solid board packaging sectors. 

We've spent many years looking at how packaging is made; how it reacts to different environmental conditions; and which designs provide the best performance, the most cost effective to manufacture and the best to brand your products.

Our Tools

A ruler and pen, a keen eye and plenty of imagination create that initial concept from your project brief.

Then we move onto our CAD software, specially designed for packaging to create a profile which can be used for sampling and print/cutting tool layouts if required. We can assemble and fold it in 3D and even add print so you can see how your product will look when finished.

Finally, we can make a sample of the product on our sample making table so you have something physical in front of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're sure all of the terminology used in packaging can be confusing. Many businesses use different names and codes for the same thing.

If something needs a bit of clarification then we can answer the question, and we'll add it to the list so others will also gain from that knowledge.